God’s Word reassures us that when we walk through dark valleys, we do not have to fear. This book of 90 two-minute hope-filled devotions provides an opportunity to draw nearer to God. Each day includes a question for reflection, a powerful prayer, a declaration of truth and a practical action step of faith. When God is present, there is hope.

“The Lord alone is our radiant hope and we trust in him with all our hearts.” (Psalm 33:20 tpt).

God’s Word reassures us that when we walk through dark valleys, we do not have to fear, because God is with us. Jesus’s final address to his disciples included the promise “I am with you always.”

This book of 90 two-minute hope-filled devotions provides an opportunity to draw near to God with confidence that he is indeed with us. Each day includes a

· question for reflection
· powerful prayer
· declaration of truth
· practical action step of faith

When God is present, there is hope. He is our wisdom, peace, strength, and provision. Being with God fills us with joy, and we have everything we need.

We all face obstacles or what seem to be dead ends, but God has given every follower the power to overcome through speaking His Word. Respected prophetic voice Hakeem Collins will help you unite your heart with God’s will and speak His truth into the divine destiny for your life. You have the authority to move mountains, shake kingdoms and make hell tremble!

We all face obstacles or what seem to be dead ends. But God has given every follower of Christ the power to overcome through vocalizing his Word.

From respected prophetic voice Hakeem Collins comes a biblical guide about the believer’s authority to activate the will of God. If you are looking to refresh your prayer life, this book will help you unite your heart with God’s will and speak his truth into the divine dreams and destiny for your life.

In this profound resource, you will gain wise, strategic direction to

· decree God’s plan for miracles, favor, deliverance, and divine opportunities
· contend for breakthrough using the weapon of God’s Word against the unseen enemy
· break curses and invisible resistance to healing, restoration, and blessings
· cooperate with the Holy Spirit to see heaven’s purpose manifested on earth and bring your words into alignment with God’s will

You can experience sudden, supernatural breakthrough by agreeing with and announcing God’s Word by faith. You have the authority to speak words that move mountains, and make hell tremble.

¿Alguna vez ha experimentado realmente la presencia de Dios? Si no es así, ¿qué cree que se interpone en el camino?

Cuando Moisés se encontró con Dios en la zarza ardiente, eso cambió su vida y su percepción de lo que es Dios. En ese momento en que la zarza ardía, empezó a comprender y a apreciar lo sagrado de la adoración. La adoración apropiada tiene que encajar con lo que estamos adorando; por lo que si adoramos a Dios, debemos hacerlo en sus términos. Esto implica tener un espíritu de reverencia y santidad, como Moisés al quitarse el calzado y arrodillarse ante Él.

El fuego de la zarza no atemorizó a Moisés, sino que hizo derramar la esencia de lo sagrado en su vida. Le hizo experimentar la presencia de Dios en una manera que nunca había sentido. Permita que este libro le enseñe cómo encontrar a Dios al igual que Moisés.


What Would It Be Like to Encounter God Face-to-Face?

Have you ever truly experienced God's presence? If not, what do you think is getting in the way?

When Moses met God at the burning bush, it changed his life and his perception of who God is. In that burning-bush moment, he began to understand and appreciate the sacredness of worship. Proper worship has to fit the one we are worshiping, so if we are worshiping God, we must do it on His terms. This means having a spirit of reverence and holiness–like Moses taking off his shoes and kneeling before Him.

The bush's fire did not frighten Moses, but rather it poured the essence of sacredness into his life. It gave him an experience of God's presence he had never had before. Let this book teach you how, like Moses, to encounter God afresh.

A talented teacher unpacks the riches of traditional Christian spirituality for Christians burdened by the guilt and anxiety of introspective, in my heart spiritual techniques. Phillip Cary explains that knowing God is a gradual, long-term process that comes through the Bible experienced in Christian community. The first edition has sold over 17,000 copies. The expanded edition includes a new conclusion that offers further insights since the first edition was published over 10 years ago.

Your Heavenly Father Longs to Hear What’s on Your Heart.

 This inspiring prayer collection will meet you right where you are—in your “everyday moments.”

  • Are you tired?  . . . Pray!
  • Stressed-out?  . . . Pray!
  • Happy?  . . . Pray!
  • Sad?  . . . Pray!
  • Content?  . . . Pray!

Share your everyday moments with the heavenly Father, who cares about anything and everything that’s on your mind. Dozens of practical and encouraging prayers will draw you closer to His heart.

Tu Padre celestial anhela escuchar lo que hay en tu corazón.

Esta inspiradora colección de oraciones se encontrará contigo dondequiera que estés, en tus “momentos cotidianos”.

  • ¿Estás cansada?… ¡Ora!
  • ¿Estresada?… ¡Ora!
  • ¿Feliz?… ¡Ora!
  • ¿Triste?… ¡Ora!
  • ¿Satisfecha?… ¡Ora!

Comparte tus momentos cotidianos con el Padre celestial quien se preocupa por todas y cada una de las cosas que hay en tu mente. Docenas de oraciones prácticas y alentadoras te acercarán más a Su corazón.

It’s been said that not knowing how to pray is one of the great obstacles in a Christian’s life. A.W. Tozer pointed out that the church’s greatest curse is unanswered prayer, and that we do not seem bothered by that. Many just don’t understand what answered prayer is all about. Tozer outlines this as only he can, describing the conditions that lend themselves to God’s response as well as those conditions that lead to his remaining silent.

Ultimately, Tozer challenges you to ask: Are my prayers more powerful and effective today than they were a year ago? The book opens with Jacob’s Ladder, with the theme centering on ascending into God’s presence. What better place to begin dialoging with God! Only he can teach us what is on his heart, what is his will, and what our part in it could be.
Deep inspiration and elevated understanding await readers in this new book, masterfully compiled by James L. Snyder.

IFor those disillusioned with Church and the faith that was handed to them, popular podcast host and writer Jonathan Martin shows that Jesus often meets us in unlikely places–even on our walk away from God.

It’s no easy journey disentangling the good news of the gospel from the toxic theologies that have rendered Jesus unrecognizable. It’s no wonder the church has sent many walking.

In The Road Away from God, Jonathan Martin reimagines Luke’s story of two disillusioned disciples walking the Emmaus road away from the holy city where they had watched their hope die a gruesome death right before their eyes.

For anyone who is feeling their faith unravel, reckoning with religious trauma, or walking the long road of deconstruction, Martin speaks compassionate hope into the journey of today’s disillusioned disciples, revealing that the resurrected Christ is profoundly present with them–even on what seems to be the road away from God.

With “a pastor’s heart and poet’s touch,” as Rachel Held Evans once wrote of Martin, this is a book to help you feel seen in your spiritual journey and all its complexities, and to find resurrection even where you least expect it.