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What is joy? We can receive fleeting moments of it when we watch sunlight break through the clouds, or see a little child laugh as he blows apart the fluff of a spent dandelion. But there is only one source of true, lasting joy—and that’s our Savior, Jesus.

During a season of unknowns, God opened His Word to author Gina L. Smith and taught her His definition of joy so that she could experience it deep in her heart. He helped her realize that she had been finding joy in His blessings, rather than in Him, the source of those blessings. And she learned how to “count it all joy” (James 1:2) come what may.

Everyday Prayers for Joy is a thirty-day journey through God’s Word that will help you discover the joy that God wants to share with you. He is with you always and can work out all things for good. Fill yourself to overflowing with God’s joy!

Everyday Prayers For Joy

Everyday Prayers for Joy helps today’s Christian mom embrace real, lasting, biblical joy, as she intersects with and prays God’s Word for herself and her family.

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Ronjour and Annie Locke

Instructor, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Gina Smith takes readers on a thirty-day journey to joy! The author recognizes that the most effective pursuit of joy is through Christ-centered prayer and praise. Read through this book and feel like one of the many who sit at Gina’s kitchen table, coffee mug in hand, crying out in prayer to the Source of all joy, Jesus!

Kate Battistelli

Author, The God Dare

Gina reminds us finding joy can be a struggle and Jesus knows that, but with her insightful words and stories, she gives us the tools to navigate life’s messy, gut-wrenching parts. Everyday Prayers for Joy is loaded with deeply honest and personal revelations, along with biblical truth and practical ways to live it out. This is one devotional you will come back to again and again.

Jordan Shimon and Kelsey Shimon

Pastor, NewSong Church, Vienna, VA

Open your heart and get ready to receive our friend’s wisdom because it’s that of someone who has years of experience not only mothering her own children and sharing a beautiful love with her husband, but also opening her doors and heart to countless college students and young couples. Her constant yes to loving others is rare in this world, and it speaks to her heart’s surrender at Jesus’ feet. As you read, we pray that this love would flow from His heart, through her words, right into your spirit and situation.

Tricia Goyer

Bestselling author, Praying Through the Bible in a Year

Gina Smith is a woman of God’s Word. She studies it, seeks it out, and works hard to apply it in her daily life. She has a heart for prayer and mentoring women in their walk with Jesus. That combination means she is worth listening to!

Stephanie Van Gorden

Pastor’s wife, Hartland Center Community Church, Collins, OH

In the twenty-some years I have known Gina, her walk with God has been a constant example and encouragement. Her humble, compassionate voice teaches us to allow God’s Word to shape our souls as we fight for joy on our knees, trusting that as He meets our needs with Himself, He will give us fullness of joy.

Donna Heindel

Pastor’s wife, Church of the Open Door, York, PA

Gina’s heart radiates deep compassion for others exemplified through authenticity as she lives her life to love, teach, encourage others, challenging them to become more like Christ. Her life is a transparent reflection of the spiritually minded friend who has lived this Christian journey in a way that can teach us all.

Susan J. Hein, LPC

Susan Hein Counseling

Gina Smith is the kind of woman you’d meet for coffee and leave with a lifetime friend. She is warm, engaging, wise, full of integrity, and has a wonderful sense of humor. I know you’ll be blessed by her words.

Katie Rymer

Missionary, International Mission Board

While I served overseas as a missionary, Gina’s devotions hugged me from across the globe with her tangible, transparent transcriptions of God’s Spirit working out His salvation and sanctification in her life. I want to grow ultimately like Christ, but in this life, I’d add, like Gina, from glory to glory until we are before Him with unveiled face.

Brooke McGlothlin

Author and cofounder, Million Praying Moms

Gina consistently helps me look at the world, and think through the situations I encounter through the lens of the gospel. I listen to her, because I know this commitment of hers to the Word of God is hard-worn. Her guidance comes from her own experience of having to fight for biblical joy when the world presses in. You’ll find that kind of attitude, along with a friend who truly desires to serve you, inside Everyday Prayers for Joy.

About the Author

Gina L. Smith is an author, podcaster, and a prayer mentor for Million Praying Moms. Gina and her husband Brian have been married for more than three decades. They served as the on-campus parents at a Christian college for more than twenty years while Brian was a professor and dean of students. They mentored hundreds of college and seminary students as well as young couples over the years. Gina has a degree in Bible studies... Show More

Everyday Prayers For Joy

Everyday Prayers for Joy helps today’s Christian mom embrace real, lasting, biblical joy, as she intersects with and prays God’s Word for herself and her family.

Only: $8.83 - Order Yours Today

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